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“Buy this Book; share it with your kids.” — Amazon review.

Thank you all dear readers.  The Crowded Kingdom in its first month has been getting positive feedback from the audience for whom it was really intended — kids and their parents.

“We’ve been reading two chapters a night, every night!” — North Jersey father

“Thoroughly enjoyed it!” — Michigan book lover

“Buy this book; share it with your kids. I read it with my son, who is nine, and the two of us found ourselves getting lost in its magic every night.” — Montclairmomreader (click here for the full review).

“I liked it because it had kids we could relate to.” – an 11-year-old

More feedback is pending, but please post your comments on how your Crowded Kingdom experience is going.

The most amazing part of bringing out a children’s book electronically is that you have something to share with your kids and their friends while they are still kids.

How many people dream a dream and realize it maybe later than they wish?  It is no less sweet to achieve, but all the sweeter when you are living it when you want to.

Thank you all dear children and friends, who have given your support, encouragement and feedback.  I am over the moon and back again, and can’t wait to finish the current sequel, The Snows of Alfheimr. 

Stay tuned!


The Crowded Kingdom is a children’s fantasy for ages eight through eighty, and is the first in a series of books featuring the girl heroines, Jada and Jinny.

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Crowded Kingdom preview

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