"I somehow knew that we could make it out of an uncertain economic 
time.  But I wasn’t so sure that I could find my way back to who I 

I am honored to have a guest post this week on Tracy Riva’s book review site, http://tracyriva.com.

I have shared with many why I returned to writing again, why those first creative words came tumbling out during a time of great uncertainty.  But what it took to get back into writing again, and somehow make it fit in a demanding unbalanced life?  I hadn’t really delved into that before.

This guest post gave me a chance to look back on that period of intense focus, as indeed times of transition can be:  you are forcing a change, and the only way off one course is a hard turn in another direction.  And then, slowly, letting go of the single-mindedness, and completing the journey by knitting the two selves into one — that journey is still going on.  But I am proud to have made that transition; the fairy tale ending is discovering that what I had dreamed of as a child has somehow appeared in front of me, albeit in unexpected ways, as so many fairy things do.